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Meredith Campbell, Owner of Meredith Campbell Fitness

There are so many things I love about being a mom, especially at the ages my boys are right now. I love being a mom because these boys bring so much adventure and love into my life, not to mention crazy energy, and life is always a party.


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My 2-year-old is dramatic and cries a lot. How do I show her I care without making her think she only gets my attention when she is hurt?

Toddlers love to test boundaries and do what it takes to get mom’s attention. Dr. Kimberley has insights on what it takes to provide love without creating “drama” and why some children may exhibit more dramatic behavior than others.

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Why travel is the best learning experience at any age.

Traveling is fun, but it’s also a very educational experience for the whole family. From learning about new places, to observing different cultures, to trying new foods, make your vacations as rewarding for the brain as they are for the bonding.

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