5 ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy in the first trimester

Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and the first trimester brings a lot of new feelings and thoughts.

By Angela Chavez




Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and the first trimester brings a lot of new feelings and thoughts. You’re eating for two, moving for two, even your heart is beating for two. Your life is not just for your anymore. Your body is going through a lot of change. You may not be showing yet, but on the inside, there is a ton of effort going into growing your baby.

Pregnancy is a journey, and this is just the first part. To make this journey as healthy and comfortable as possible for both you and your baby, here are five ways to keep yourself and your little one healthy.

  1. Get plenty of rest.

    Pregnancy is a time of intense physical and emotional change, which will definitely make you tired – a lot. First trimester fatigue is very common because your hormones are changing and your body is adjusting to its new role. Take the time you need to rest. Rest is key to both your mental and physical health throughout your pregnancy, and its especially important in the first trimester. Get enough sleep each night and make time for relaxation in your day.

If sleep is hard to come by because you can’t get comfortable, try to adjust your sleeping position or use a pregnancy pillow to give you more restful sleep.

  1. Eat a balanced diet.

    When you’re pregnant, your body needs more nutrients than usual to support the growth of the baby and provide energy for both you and the baby. Some of the best foods to eat during pregnancy are

    • Green leafy vegetables and fruits for folic acid
    • Lean protein for muscle development
    • Milk, cheese, and yogurt for calcium
    • Low mercury fish for DHA

    And don’t worry if you can’t stand the thought of fish right now. Just be sure to take your vitamins!

  2. Take your prenatal vitamins.

    A healthy diet is important for your body, but it’s hard to ensure that you’re eating enough of the essential nutrients necessary for your baby too. Prenatal vitamins are essential for the development of your baby’ s brain and nervous system. In the first trimester, you should take your prenatal vitamins every day to  help fill the gap between what you eat and what the baby needs.

    Find a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, vitamin D, and DHA to support your baby’s development and brain growth.

  3. Keep yourself hydrated.

    In the first trimester, your body is working harder than ever to keep you and the baby healthy. During this trimester, water is especially important because it helps form amniotic fluid, carries nutrients through your body to the baby’s, helps with tissue formation, and helps you digest properly. And all those trips to the bathroom – is just that water flushing the toxins out of your body!

  4. Move your body.

    One of the best way to take care of your health and your mental wellbeing during the first trimester is to exercise. You don’t need a lot of exercise in the first trimester, and you certainly don’t want to do anything too strenuous – you just need enough to get your heart rate up. Aerobic and cardio exercise can aid in sleep, digestion, and in reducing stress.

    Some simple ideas for first trimester exercise include:

    • Low impact cardio like walking, biking, or swimming
    • Swimming
    • Simple stretching
    • Dancing!

    Be sure to avoid strenuous exercise or anything that places pressure on your abdomen. If you have questions about what is safe for you, consult your doctor for guidance on options that are best for you.

  5. See your doctor

    In your first trimester, you may not see a doctor much, but the first appointments are very important. During your first visits, you can expect that your doctor will be checking up on your health and the health of the baby. She/he will also be assessing early risk factors and providing you with helpful information on how you can have a healthy pregnancy.

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