8 Job Ideas You Can Do from Home and Homeschool

If you're wondering what jobs you can do and still homeschool your children, Kristen has some great ideas using skills you already have and enjoy. These 8 jobs will allow you the flexibility to homeschool and still add to your family income.

By Kristen Winiarski



When you decide to homeschool, you have to be at home with your kids. Teaching them is a valuable piece of your day, but you may also want to be a source of income. I was like this, so I created my own business. While teaching kids takes a certain amount of time, as they get older, they can do more things on their own, freeing up some of your time.

Programs like ABC Mouse and others can give your kids ways to learn while you do some work. The key is balancing it all, which can be challenging. The beauty of working from home and homeschooling is that you create your schedule. You don’t need to stick to traditional hours with either of these things, so you can find a balance that works for you and your kids. The next step is finding a job you can enjoy and do from home. The first thing you want to do is think about your skills and the kind of work that you would like to do. If you don’t enjoy it, it will be hard to maintain. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Homeschool Mom Jobs


You’re probably not surprised I’m starting with this one because it is what I do. There are different options here, though, depending on your skills and what type of writing you want to do. I work as a freelance writer for various sites, writing articles, but I’m also an author.

For this one, think about where your skills are and what you want to write about. You could utilize that expertise if you worked before staying home with the kids. If you want to write a book, go for it. You can write from anywhere. It is important to find something you enjoy, so you want to keep writing about it. Freelance writing can sometimes be unpredictable, but there are also many opportunities.

You can apply directly to writing jobs or seek out specific companies. You can also start a blog, but that one takes some time to get off the ground. Being consistent with blog posts and marketing them are great ways to start. After that, you’ll want to look into affiliate links and marketing.


If you enjoy finding other people’s typos, editing might be for you. You may prefer reading over things and finding problems with them and telling the writer how to make them better. There are a bunch of places you could do this. You could work for a company or set yourself up as an editor on Fiverr. Depending on your specialization, you can focus your search in that direction, whether it’s editing articles or manuscripts.

Virtual Assistant

Many people who operate their own businesses need a virtual or personal assistant. Maintaining a business is hard work, so there is a market for people to help. Taking on some of their tasks will give you the satisfaction of helping someone while earning extra money and increasing your skills.

Some of this may involve social media management, especially if you find a business or an author trying to grow. You can do all of this from your phone.

Graphic design

If you have an eye for graphic design, you can do that from home too. You can create printables, get a part-time job, or design book covers. It all depends on your skills and what direction you want to go in to earn money from home.

Remote customer service positions

If you are looking for something more structured, customer service jobs may have early morning or evening hours if you’re looking for a schedule outside the school day. You can also find an industry you’re interested in since many need them.

Online class creator or teacher

Creating online classes is a great way to earn extra income. The great thing about it is that you only need to do something once. After it’s created, it’s pretty much passive income.


If you can type quickly, this could be an excellent fit for you. It doesn’t involve talking to anyone, and you can be flexible with how and when you work.

Create an Etsy shop

If you enjoy making things, whether t-shirts or other crafty stuff, you can create your own Etsy shop to sell them in. Selling homemade crafts is an excellent gig for creative people looking to get their art out in the world.

You can also sign up with a company to teach or tutor kids. There are many of these out there if it’s something that interests you.


Whether you want to contribute to the household income or need an outlet, there are plenty of jobs you can do from home. Be sure to maintain balance and create a separation wherever possible, and you can do both.


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