How to Bring Science to Your Kids

Looking for some way to spark your kid's interest in science? Here are some great activities.

By Kristen Winiarski

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Whether homeschooling or not, teaching your kids about science can be fun for both of you. We don’t remember everything we learned in school, so I find that I’m revisiting some pretty cool stuff along with my kids learning it.

There are many ways to bring some science into your daily life. Check out the ideas below for some easy things that you can use.


Baking has a bunch of benefits. Not only do you get to eat the results, but you can also use it as a science lesson when using baking soda. You can also use baking for math lessons.

You can branch off this idea by making your own volcano using baking soda and vinegar. Add some food coloring for more fun. A tip to make the vinegar less smelly is mixing it with peppermint extract.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has many kid-friendly science videos on pretty much any subject you can think of. SciShow Kids and some Brave Wilderness videos are great. With Brave Wilderness, just be sure it’s not one of the ones where he gets injured on purpose. Those can be hard to watch.

Science books

National Geographic books have a bunch of subjects you can tap into. These include dinosaurs, space, and bugs. You can read sections of these together to count for both science and reading.

Get magnifying glasses and binoculars

My kids love looking at things through their magnifying glasses and binoculars. They will use them often and bring them into playtime too.


Balloons are fun for getting kids up and moving. Keeping the balloon in the air is a favorite with my kids. Balloons are also great for demonstrating static electricity.

Freezing and thawing toys in ice cubes

To explain states of matter and how water freezes, it’s fun to take an ice cube tray and freeze some figures in water. Then, kids can have fun using warm water to thaw them out.

Giant bubbles

If there’s anything better than bubbles, it’s giant bubbles. There are plenty of recipes online, some of the ingredients used are water, dish detergent, cornstarch, baking powder, and glycerin. Add a giant bubble wand, and you’re ready to go.

Science novels

You can find some kids’ novel series that include science lessons. A great series to check out is Zoey and Sassafras. It’s about a girl and her cat who help magical creatures. Zoey needs to use science to test her hypothesis to figure out how to best help these animals.

Science experiments and lessons can be a lot of fun to do with your kids. Instead of buying a ton of fancy stuff, you can start with easy things like the ones above that will be fun for everyone in the family.


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