Katie’s Corner: November’s rad reads for the kiddos

Thanksgiving break is coming soon! Keep your kids' brains engaged with these sentimental and educational books for kids of each age range.

By Katie Frawley

Family Fun



Ages 4-8

Words by Betina Birkjaer, pictures by Anna Margrethe Kjaergaard

This touching picture book deals with the difficult topic memory loss.

The narrator, who goes by the nickname Stump, visits her elderly grandparents often. Her grandfather, an expert gardener, teaches Stump all about the plants in his greenhouse. They do jigsaw puzzles, share teeny sips of coffee, and help Grandma with her crossword puzzles. But soon, Grandpa starts to forget things. His memory loss increases (along with Grandma’s frustration), and Stump must learn to make sense of it all.

Culminating in a scene that will bring tears to your eyes (whether you have a beloved relative in this situation or not), COFFEE RABBIT SNOWDROP LOST will help you and your young reader explore the concept of dealing with difficult change. Kjaergaard’s art is rendered in a beautiful wintertime palette. You can feel the chill outside the windows as Stump and her Grandparents make coffee (and memories) together.


Ages: 6-9

By Andy Runton

How could a writer recommend a nearly wordless graphic novel? When it’s as warm and heartfelt as OWLY, how could I not?!

Owly, a tender-hearted owl, loves all creatures big and small. But the creatures that are smaller than he is tend to find his sharp beak and pointy talons a bit intimidating. When Owly meets Wormy, a young worm separated from his family, a tentative friendship forms. The two set out on a journey to return Wormy to his home and have plenty of exciting adventures along the way.

Because this book has almost no words, it can really appeal to a large range of readers. A four or five year old who loves books might enjoy the thrill of “reading” a book with so many pages. Older readers who are more resistant to chapter books might find the lack of text a welcome feature. Even though the book is light on words, it’s heavy on heart. I hope your readers enjoy!


Ages: 10-13

By, Lucy Strange

In this haunting novel, set in World War II-era coastal England, 11 year old Pet learns some hard truths. Pet’s father is the lighthouse keeper. She and her family have lived happily in their lighthouse cottage all her life. As the war gets closer to England, many realities in Pet’s life take on a different importance. Her father’s job as lighthouse keeper suddenly has national security implications. Her mother’s German heritage is viewed suspiciously by the townspeople. Even her sister’s sometimes moody behavior starts to show itself in a different light.

Pet is troubled by the changes to her previously idyllic life. As is true of so many children who live to see war in their homeland, she is forced to grow up much faster than she’d like. With seafaring folklore woven into this tale of deception, sabotage, and the pains of leaving childhood, lovers of myth and history will find this book a perfect fit.

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