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It is hurricane season for the east coast and we want to make sure everyone is prepared. Lizzie has all the info you need on how to prepare a hurricane essentials kit and why it is so important.

By Lizzie Horton

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As a Broadcast meteorologist I have spent countless hours encouraging people to get their hurricane kits ready and to be prepared a storm.

After all, it’s not “if” one hits, but “when” in most coastal towns. Despite my trying, one thing I have learned is that people usually wait until a storm is almost making landfall, or until supplies are out and shelves are bare to try to make sure their family is safe and prepared. Because sometimes it is hard to find supplies, many of my friends end up booking an airplane ticket out of town and spending unnecessary money, time and energy that they could have avoided if they had prepared ahead of time.

Making a kit is actually very easy!

Do it once and pull it out once a year to make sure everything is still good, and then stow it back away! Please, allow me to help you. It’s truly simple.

Use the Hurricane Supply Checklist below to make yours today. I’ve included links to products on Amazon for ease of ordering. You would be surprised how easy this is and how much it can save you in a pinch! You can literally click and order and assemble your kit in minutes once your items arrive.

I would also like to encourage you to follow the National Hurricane Center on Social to get more updates as storms pop up this season.



Stay safe this summer!


I recommend starting with a plastic bin that is large enough to hold most of your items like this:

Sterilite 64 Quart Clear Storage Tote W/Lid Sterilite 64 Quart Clear Storage Tote W/Lid
$87.45 ($14.58 / Count)

Clear storage contains can hold 64 quarts of items that will keep your area clean and organized 

Constructed with durable plastic with latching lids that keep out bugs, dust, and dirt. 

Recessed lid makes a great storage solution and maximizes space by being able to stack each other when not in use. 

03/27/2023 07:23 am GMT


  • Water- 1 Gallon per person in your family per day (don’t forget your pets!)
  • Food- Enough non- perishables for a few days. We keep bars, peanut butter, Jerky, Fresh Fruit, jelly, bread, snacks and soup on hand.
  • Manual Can Opener (if eating from canned goods)
  • Cooler for any items that you need to keep cool
  • Infant Formula, bottles and baby food
  • Dog / Cat (Animal) Food
  • Paper Plates/Plastic Silverware

My picks:

03/27/2023 05:16 am GMT


  • Cash in case of emergency
  • Battery Operated Fans (One for each member of your family. These can be small clip on fans for your bed or couch or larger fans for main living spaces.)
  • Power Banks that you can charge before a storm is coming to pull energy from.
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Extra batteries for fans and flashlights
  • Trash bags
  • Whistle (to signal for help)
  • Tarp or Plastic Sheeting and duct tape (if you need to shelter in place.)
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities if necessary
  • Battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Matches in a waterproof Container
  • Copies of insurance policies
  • Blankets or Sleeping Bags

My picks:

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Health/First Aid:

  • Refills of all prescriptions if running low
  • Copies of your insurance card and ID
  • First Aid Kit with bandages, anti-biotic ointment, alcohol pads and gauze.
  • Non-Prescription Medicine like pain-relievers and anti diarrheal medication
  • Feminine Supplies and personal hygiene items

My picks:

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