Lizzie’s list: 18 baby products every new parent should have

Let's be honest - babies need a lot of stuff! It can be tough to decide what to prioritize and how to find the right supplies and gear. Here are some favorites of mine!

By Lizzie Horton

Lizzie's List


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All About the Mom Founder, Lizzie loves to share tips, reviews, and stories that other moms might find useful and entertaining. Lizzie’s List is the roundup of all of her favorites and there’s something for everyone!

Becoming a new parent is exciting, but it can also become overwhelming.

There are so many opinions out there on the best parenting techniques and the best gear. It can be hard to know how much of the stuff is necessary. After all, we need to save money for things like diapers, wipes, and formula. I have had 3 children and I have bought less and less with each child. After all, not only was I able to reuse some of the goods from my first child, but I also realized how little you actually need as a parent. Here are my MUST HAVES for any new parent. I hope this list brings you function and joy as you grow to you know your new babe.



Gerber Childrenswear Zip Up Sleepers

My children LIVED in these lightweight cotton zip up sleepers. Snaps are just too hard, babies never stay still and who needs to worry about that at 2 a.m. when your little one wakes up and you’re trying to redress them in the dark without waking up your partner. Not only do I love the weight of these sleepers, but I also love the price point. I never minded when they got spit-up on them because they were so affordable I could just buy more when I needed to.

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling worked for my children, and it has for most of my friend’s children as well. Babies have a natural startle reflex and this helps to calm that as well as stretch out their naps. These were the best blankets I could find for swaddling. They are lightweight so baby doesn’t get overheated, and large enough to properly tuck and swaddle. Best of all? They come in a lot of cute colors, too!

Noise Machine

Babies sleep better with white noise, it sounds more like the womb they came from! We always used these noise machines with our kids, and they have been great sleepers for the most part.

Pack and Play

We loved our pack and play! We kept it out on the bottom floor of our home so the tiny babies could nap, in sight, and we could still get a little work done around the house. We also used it for traveling, so we had a safe place for our kids to sleep. This is a great one that can grow from newborn to toddler.


I highly recommend a bassinet for new babies. These are fantastic because you can pull them right up to the bed, and this particular one allows you to swivel it in toward the bed so baby can be safely close to you, allowing peace of mind and extra sleep for you both.

Bottle Sets

You will need a set of good bottles unless you are planning to exclusively breastfeed. I have always liked the wide neck bottles. My children always had an easier time going back and forth between bottle feeding and breastfeeding when using the wide neck bottles. It’s important to find plastic bottles that are BPA free, and the anti-colic ones are best for their tummies.

Bottle Brush

Everyone needs to be able to really clean the bottles. Though we always ran our bottles through the dishwasher, we always washed the bottles out first with this brush. It’s super affordable and a great buy for all. I also like these because they are flexible and fit in most types of bottles.

Bibs with waterproof backing

This is a big one for small babies. There are so many CUTE bibs out there, but lets face it, new babies spit up! The adorable cotton and muslin bibs let the moisture seep through which means the baby’s shirt ends up wet! I always recommend new parents get the soft bibs with waterproof backing so you can save yourself from a few loads of laundry. *Also, gift tip-* I often buy these and monogram them with the baby’s name!

Travel System

Every new parent needs a car seat and stroller combination. There are so many choices out there. I would highly recommend you test drive a few in a store because it is important that they have decent wheels that will allow you to properly maneuver the stroller. We always liked to have the car seat that would be compatible with the stroller so you can clip in and clip out quickly, keeping the baby secure. We also highly recommend purchasing the car seat base, so you know the baby is always riding securely and you can install the seat in seconds!

This is one of my personal favorites! I still use it with my daughter.

Car Seat Mirror

Car seat mirrors are very important in the early stages. You always want to make sure you can see your newborn baby when they are in a rear-facing car seat to make sure they are healthy and safe.

Diaper Pail

While you can put diapers in a trash can, it stinks up your house! If you can afford a diaper pail I would highly recommend one. This is also a great baby registry gift idea. We really like this diaper pail. My husband and I used this for two of our kids. It kept odors out, and it’s easy to change the bags. They also sell biodegradable bags, so it makes us feel a little better about the environmental impact.


Let’s face it…Babies get sick, and humidifiers are essential, especially when you are so limited on medication at the beginning. These can grow with your little one into childhood. We love this one! Make sure you get a cool mist humidifier, it’s much better than warm mist, which can enable more bacteria growth. Always remember to clean your humidifier regularly and change the water daily.

Nosa Frida Nasal Aspirator

This will also come in handy when your babe gets their first cold. These help to pull the mucus out so your little one can breathe better.

Baby Grooming Kit

You’ll need to comb babies hair and trim those nails pretty quickly after birth! We love this little starter grooming set. It’s great to take with you in your hospital bag to use after birth.

Baby Shampoo and Lotion

I love the smell of Mustela products. They are by far my favorite products for babies unless you have a major skin flareup. This is my go-to shampoo and lotion set. I hope you’ll enjoy the yummy smell too.

Baby Bathtub

You will need a baby bathtub to safely wash baby. This is my go-to. My youngest kids both used this one and it transitioned nicely from the newborn age to sitting stage.



You will need a lot of diapers! I would recommend buying size NB and size 1. If your baby is larger when born, you may be able to skip right into size 1.

Diaper Cream

This is my favorite diaper cream by far. Nothing holds a candle to it. It’s thick and stays on and doesn’t have a weird smell. I had dozens of mom friends tell me about it, and I’m so glad they did. It WORKS!

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