That’s a wrap! We gave 30 teachers $500 and the gratitude was no less than heartwarming.

What a wonderful feeling it was to give out $15,000 to deserving teachers across the country.

By Lizzie Horton




As most of you know, last month thirty wonderful teachers were randomly chosen from our list of submitted nominees, vetted, and then each mailed a $500 American Express gift card.

The gratitude from these teachers was truly heartwarming.


Wow!!!! I am shocked! Thank you so so much!!! My 5th-grade students will appreciate this so much.

– Katelyn S., Minnesota

Wow! This is amazing! I’m so excited and thankful! 

– Natalie C., North Carolina

Oh my goodness, I am so grateful and a little teary eyed right now. This will greatly help myself and my special education students. This is so amazing!!

Berenice C., Virginia

Awesome, thank you so much! This is a big blessing that I can use at this time.

– Tonya M., Arkansas

YAY! Thank you so SO much. This is incredible news. This money will help me buy so many amazing things for my classroom and art students! I am so excited, it is much appreciated!!!

– Sarah B., Tennessee

Oh my goodness, thank you SO very much!! I am beyond excited!! I wanted to do flexible seating in my kindergarten class this year and this money will cover that!!

– Sarah B., Michigan

Thank you so much for doing this.  As much as teachers love our profession and working with students, it is so challenging; days never have enough time, and it can be a very thankless job. It’s nice to know that we are appreciated.

– Adjauna E., Louisiana

A few of our winners have been following up with us to let us know what they are spending their prize money on, and we are elated to see the money going to helping these students and their classrooms.

My students and I spent some of the money yesterday!  We ordered some pedal machines for under their desks, a couple of wobble stools, and supplies for our class pets!

– Erin F., Montana

So far, I have ordered $200 worth of books…both for read-alouds and for our classroom library/reading groups. They just came in yesterday and I can’t wait for the kids to see them and start using them! I truly do appreciate the help you are giving teachers like me! 

– Jessica C., Colorado

This sweepstakes meant so much to all of us at All About The Mom. Thank you to everyone who nominated the teachers who are shaping the lives of our children.

We are thrilled to be able to support communities throughout the nation by donating to teachers. We hope our donation will transform the lives of students and teachers alike and make for a happier and more productive school year!

-Lizzie, All About the Mom Founder

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