What is a Momcation? Does every mom need one?

Now that school is back in full swing, you may be wondering when you’ll get a breather. Heading out for a “Momcation” was just what the doctor ordered for Lauren, and she has some tips for planning a getaway of your own.

By Lauren Worsham




“Take time away from your family just for yourself.”

All the experts say that it is important for us as moms to take a break in order to return to our families feeling rested, refreshed, and recharged. What that time away looks like could be time completely by yourself, time with your significant other, or time with your girlfriends – and not just your friends from college, but with your mom tribe on a “Momcation.” Recently, I went on a Momcation with about a dozen of my friends. We all live in Florida, and we traveled north to visit a good friend of ours who moved back home to New England during the “Covid days”.


This trip in particular was for a special occasion, to celebrate our friend’s 40th birthday.

I think as time passes and life moves us in different directions, I really can’t express enough how unexpectedly meaningful these moments are. We should always take the opportunity to celebrate each other and make new memories, even in this latter part of life. Life isn’t just about our high school or college days. Our mid-life friendships are special and worthy of the time and attention we put into them.


We all know that a typical get together with moms and our children usually involves more children than you can count and while it’s fun, it’s also chaotic.

Sure, you get to chat a little bit and catch up but, anything that resembles meaningful conversation is impossible. Some of these women you have known for years but, getting below the surface is hard with so many distractions. However, when you take the opportunity to take a vacation with your best mom friends you can really talk and connect with one another. There will be opportunities to be fun, silly, get advice, give advice, listen, and be heard. All of which we need as moms. I think there is something special about a new or different environment. When you travel you let go a little and open up to the possibility of something new or letting someone back in who you really missed.

When you are away, your family has a time to bond without you.

I know that sounds odd but, as mothers we do so much care giving that sometimes we don’t give our spouse the opportunity to love on our children in those ways. Let Dad have a crack at doing the ballet bun for class on Saturday morning or making dinner the way they like to. Your family will enjoy making their own memories and having special moments that you will enjoy hearing about when you return.

The destination, the activities, the size of the group can be whatever you want it to be.

I have heard of “Twin Mom- Momcations,” “Second-Marriage Momcations,” and even “Free From Cancer- Momcations.” Find a reason to celebrate and go for it. I recommend one Momcation a year- plan it in advance and don’t miss the opportunity. It will be very easy to let all the other activities and commitments get in the way. Trust me, I am just as guilty of letting the “mom guilt” get in the way. Remember, that a little time away will recharge your battery and help you to be a little more patient and ready to handle the challenges of motherhood when you return.


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