4 ways to save on family travel

Family trips can be plenty of fun, but they are often expensive. Finding ways to save money on these trips is a great idea. With that in mind, read on to learn more about four ways to save on family travel.

By Lizzie Horton

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I absolutely love to travel with my family.

It seems like the moment I get back from one trip, I’m already planning the next. Luckily I have a supportive partner who allows me to do a lot of research and be the “planner” in the relationship. Traveling makes me feel like we all get a little reset from the stresses of daily life. I also love being able to expose my children to other cultures and climates and educate them about the world around us. Though I love it, it doesn’t always fit our budget. For many people, the cost of travel can get in the way of making magical memories while traveling.

it is always good to save money on family travel costs whenever possible. I have found a few ways to save money while traveling with family. Read below to learn a few of my favorite websites to help cut travel costs.

CheapTickets helps me save on travel costs

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to traveling with family is the cost of airline tickets. Even if I am flying to a less popular destination, it can still be pricey to find good a good flight price. When I use CheapTickets this process becomes much easier. CheapTickets provides me with affordable options for one-way and roundtrip tickets.

Get the most out of your next trip with CheapTickets ->

I can also easily sort and filter flights by the airline, arrival date, departure date, and number of stops. One thing that I really like about CheapTickets is that it isn’t just for flights. I can also book rental cars and transportation to and from the airport, as well. Additionally, CheapTickets also allows me to find deals on cruises or the occasional quick getaway. I have also found a few good hotel discounts on the CheapTickets website.

Can you tell I like CheapTickets? The website is easy to use, as well. I recommend CheapTickets for anyone who wants to go on a family vacation at an affordable price.

Crystal Travel Is A Good Way to Get My Trip Booked by a Professional

Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to book our own trips. Or, we don’t know enough about an area and don’t have time to do the research. One of the websites that I like to use when booking a trip if I need a little extra help is Crystal Travel. Booking a trip can be a lot of work and I find that it sometimes it is best to leave it to a professional travel agent. Thankfully, if you go to the Crystal Travel website, you can find out more information about top tourist destinations in the United States and get their recommendations right on their website.

Crystal Travel also offers a Best Price Guarantee. This means that they offer the best price that is available for a certain flight on the market. It also means that there is less time spent comparing prices on flights, although doing so is still a good idea. I can find flights to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, and even Orlando on the Crystal Travel website.

If you want to cancel your flight ticket for whatever reason, Crystal Travel provides a full refund if you contact them within 24 hours of booking your flight. This helps avoid wasting money on buying tickets for flights I am not going to take. I love the various ways that Crystal Travel helps customers like me save money.

CityPASS Is A Good Option For Visiting Major US Cities

If I am planning to visit a major city in the United States with my family, then CityPASS is a great tool to use. CityPASS gives me great deals on a number of activities in major cities across the United States.You can check out the San Diego Zoo in San Diego or go to a theme park like Legoland California Resort in the same city, for example, you can use the CityPASS website to get tickets to preferred attractions in whichever city you visit, as long as the city is an option on the website.

You also have options when it comes to the number of tickets that you buy on CityPASS. If you buy more tickets, you will get more savings overall. They also have an option called C3 which will allow you to get three tickets for a lower price. I would highly recommend checking out CityPASS to save money on family travel.

AirportParking.Com Will Help You Avoid Overpaying for Parking at the Airport

One travel expense that adds up quickly when traveling with your family is the cost of airport parking. It can be quite expensive, especially given that airports tend to charge high daily parking rates. Additionally, ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber often aren’t practical if I am traveling with several family members, especially since I still need car seats.

If you head over to AirportParking.com, though, you can avoid those costly daily parking rates. I can do so by booking my airport parking ahead of time. This also helps ensure that you can get a good parking spot, too. Good parking spots can be tough to find, especially at busier airports. I love the peace of mind and savings that I can enjoy by using this website to book my airport parking.


These four websites offer great ways to save on family trips and vacations. I recommend using at least one if not several of them the next time you go on a trip with your family. I am sure you will love the convenience and savings these websites provide. Hopefully, these tips for saving on family travel will help your next vacation go smoother and be more enjoyable

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