Family fun day entertainment ideas for the summer

If you're looking for ideas to keep you and your kids entertained, look no further. Here are more than a few activities you can do for family fun day!

By Kristen Winiarski

Family Fun


family having a picnic

With our many responsibilities, it can be great to take a family fun day. Taking a fun-filled day apart from this can be a great way to recharge. We can get bogged down in all of it between school, work, and other responsibilities.

Taking a day that is focused on fun will be beneficial for not only your kids but you as well. Take the time to make some memories with some activities that you may not usually do.

Outdoor Things to Add

A picnic

Once the weather is nice, there’s nothing I want more than to be outside. The same can be said for my kids after being stuck inside too often over winter. Take the food outside and have a breakfast, lunch, or dinner picnic. You could take things out to the park or have a picnic in your backyard. Pack some fun foods you know your kids will love, and get outside for some fresh air.

Play an outdoor game

After your picnic, you could play an outdoor game like football or washer toss. Extend the time outside and get some exercise. You could also go for a walk. There are a bunch of things you could do outside.

Draw a chalk mural

Grab the sidewalk chalk and decorate your sidewalks or the sidewalks at the park. You could all work together to build an elaborate mural. Get down with the kids and create some art.

Go to the zoo

The zoo can be a great trip to add to your fun-filled day. Pack plenty of snacks and water and make a day out of it. Spring for some of the special exhibits or animal feedings, and you can create an even more memorable day. Maybe even let them pick something from the gift shop.

Go to a museum

If the weather is crummy or just for another option, you could check out your local museum. There may be special exhibits here, too, for your kids to enjoy. Many also have reduced rates or free days you can capitalize on.

Go to a restaurant

Going out with kids to a restaurant can be rough, but you could consider getting takeout if it’s less stressful. You could grab pancakes or pizza and add it to some indoor activities.

Go bowling

As a fun throwback, take your kids to go bowling. Spring for some fun snacks, and see if you all have what it takes on the lanes. You can go bumper bowling to help your kids keep the bowling ball in the lane, too, if they still need to improve at this.

Take them roller or ice skating.

Roller skating and ice skating can be great times. Both are good exercise and not something you do a lot, so they are great to incorporate into a fun-filled day.


You could go outside to look at the stars at the end of your day. Print a chart, and you could have fun searching for constellations together. Don’t forget the bug spray if you’re doing this one in the summer.

Indoor Things to Add

Movie night

You could have a movie night to go along with your special foods. You could pick a theme and make specific snacks and make an event out of the movie. Get your kids involved in baking and preparing for your night. You could also add crafts that fit into this theme to do earlier in the day before watching the movie.

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Put on a magic show.

Learn some magic tricks to show your kids. If you have older ones, they could put on a show for the smaller kids. After you do the trick, you can also teach your kids how you did it.

Camp inside

If it’s not nice enough outside to camp, you could go camping inside. Set up a tent or fort and pretend. You could add real camping foods like hot dogs and smores to give legitimacy to your camp outing.

Do some puzzles

For a more low-key activity, you can do puzzles together. My daughter has these mini puzzles, so we’ll even have races to see who can complete their puzzle faster. You could all work on a big puzzle together or do individual ones.

Play games or cards

Board games and card games also make for a great change of pace. You could finally teach the kids a new game or break out an old favorite. Another idea is to play video games together. My family is pretty fond of Mario Kart.

It is essential to take a day out to focus on fun. We seem to get bogged down in some of the details of our lives that we often forget what it’s like to take some time just to play. Ask for your kids’ input, and you can add more things to the ones above.

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