Fun Family Activities to Make Valentine’s Day Special

If you are looking to find some new traditions you can make with the whole family for Valentine's Day, we have some great ones for you.

By Kristen Winiarski

Family Fun


While Valentine’s Day isn’t nearly as big a deal as Christmas, it is a great encouragement that warmer days lay ahead. It is also the holiday of love, and what love is there, like the kind you have for your family and your kids? When I had kids, it felt like the holiday shifted from being about romantic love to being about all kinds of love. Now, I enjoy spending time with them as well as my husband.

Doing things together as a family on Valentine’s Day is a great way to add in some different activities and celebrate something that drives all of us—love. Adding Valentine’s Day traditions now with your kids is a great way to build memories and something they can pass on to their kids. There are many fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family.

Plan a movie night

Focus on some family movies for a fun movie night with your family. There are many to choose from, including some that we rounded up for you. It can be tiresome rewatching many of the same kid shows and movies. Adding in Valentine’s Day or love-themed movies can help break things up and give you something new to watch and be excited about.

You could also make Valentine’s Day-themed snacks to accompany your movie night. More on that below! You could also make or order a heart-shaped pizza for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Make Valentine’s Day treats.

Cut-out cookies aren’t just for Christmas. Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter and make some fun cookies to share the love. If your kids are anything like mine, you may end up with some dinosaurs, pumpkins, and ornaments too, but that’s okay. Have fun with it. I’ve learned to just roll with it when my kids pick out cookie cutters.

Go out together

Make a date of the day and take the entire family out. There are many different things you can do. You could take the kids to a play center while you hang out with your partner. You could go ice skating, bowling, or to the movie theater. Even though your Valentine’s Day dates may look different now, including the kids in them can be an excellent way to enjoy the day together.

Have the kids help make a surprise.

The kids can make special cards for your spouse, or they could help you decorate. They will love participating in showing how much they love their parents, too.

Enjoy a special breakfast.

Make pancakes or waffles and enjoy a special breakfast with your family. You could even decorate and surprise the kids with these breakfast treats.

Video chat or visit grandparents

Even if it isn’t possible for the kids to see their grandparents, you can make a plan to call or video chat with them so they can talk to each other. This is a nice thing to do that will help you feel closer to family members that you may not be able to see.

Play some fun Valentine’s Day-themed games.

You could play Valentine’s Day bingo, scavenger hunt, or play another game with your family. It doesn’t need to be this theme, just break out some puzzles and board games and enjoy.

Read together

You could get your kids a special Valentine’s Day book or head to the library and pick some out. Either way, you could enjoy having story time together as a family.

Spending time together as a family is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. With so many activities to choose from, you’re sure to find one or a few that your family will love, which will then turn into traditions.


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