Review: My perfect day at Coco Cay

Whether your vacation style includes thrill seeking, water sports, restful waterfront relaxation, or music and food, you can have a Perfect Day at Coco Cay. I know I did!

By Lauren Worsham

Family Fun


Royal Carribean promised “A Day Like No Other,” and they delivered!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sail on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas on 3 Night Bahamas Cruise that included a stop at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Perfect Day at Coco Cay. Let me just say they hit the nail on the head naming this island. From the breathtaking views of the Caribbean water and endless activities it really was a perfect day.

I was so impressed at how easy it was to disembark the ship that morning.

They even had towels and water bottles ready for guests to grab and go before getting off the ship. If you need to bring valuables with you there are lockers to rent and changing bathrooms as you first enter the island. If you forgot your sunscreen or maybe you decide you really need a sun hat, there are plenty for purchase on the island as well.

So let’s talk about how you can get around the island.

The island is not too large but, there is so much to see that taking the tram to get you to the Coco Beach Club or my favorite spot at the “South Beach” end of the island isn’t a bad idea. Walking is also completely doable and I highly recommend exploring as much of the island as you can.

If you are looking for a little slice of heaven and a place where you can always come back to and relax, I suggest a Cabana Rental. Cabanas include a fully stocked mini bar, food that can be ordered upon request, a shower, device charging stations, a sink, and bluetooth connectivity to be able to play your favorite island music playlist. For the location ultimate experience I suggest renting a cabana in the exclusive Coco Beach Club area that includes an elevated menu and the most incredible views. The cabanas here come with snorkel gear which you can strap on and then slide down your own personal slide into the water. If you just want to relax there is a hammock or floating mats available as well.

If you really want a day of action and thrills there is plenty of that from a zip line course to a water park.

Thrill Water Park feature’s Daredevil’s peak a towering slide- that I was honestly a little too scared to go on. ( I am more of a lazy river kind of girl.) There are also some great raft rides, a wave pool, and of course areas for the little ones to enjoy.

When you are ready to eat lunch a barbecue lunch is served at a few locations on the island including my favorite, soft serve ice cream. It’s also really easy to grab a burger or chicken sandwich if you need something on the go.

When you are ready to jump back into the fun I suggest a to grab a drink at the swim up bar  in the Oasis Lagoon pool.

If there is one place to find the party on the island I would say this is it. So if you are traveling with little ones you might want to find another spot in the afternoon as the Oasis Lagoon gets very lively. If you are looking for a quiet and family-friendly spot head over to Harbor Beach where you will be closer to the soft serve and have a great view of your cruise ship. Personally I enjoyed taking a swim to the floating bar which was an experience like no other. It might have been our best view of the ocean all day.

Perfect Day at Coco Cay has all of the water sport rentals like snorkeling, jet skis, stand up paddle boards, and kayaks available. You can also play a game of beach volleyball or take flight on the giant helium ballon (weather permitting).

My favorite moment of the day was the last few hours relaxing on a beach chair in the South Beach section. It was so peaceful and after exploring the island all day, laying by the beach was the perfect ending.

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