Get moving! Stroller jogging basics for the new mom.

Movement and exercise are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, even after you've had a baby. When it's safe for your body, stroller jogging is a great way to get moving in the fresh air.

By Angela Chavez




Giving birth to a bouncing baby is a feat in itself. You should be proud of yourself for bringing your little one into the outside world successfully. As exciting as it is to have a new little one, it can also be a busy time for new parents. New moms tend have difficulty squeezing in a few minutes of exercise each day because taking care of a baby takes a lot of time.

Nonetheless, a little movement can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional health. If you’re missing movement and looking for a way to get a little sweaty, stroller jogging may be the ideal postpartum exercise routine for you!

Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

Although it sounds like a lot of work, postpartum exercise offers plenty of benefits for new moms. On the physical side, it aids in strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles, which go through a lot of stress during childbirth.

It can also boost your energy levels and promote better sleep, which is crucial with the sleepless nights that entail having a newborn. Additionally, it can help you lose the extra weight you gain during pregnancy.

Psychologically, postpartum exercise can facilitate the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin. During pregnancy, your hormones may have been on a roller coaster ride. Working out can help you regulate these chemicals and reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

What Is Stroller Jogging?

Stroller jogging is when you go for a run with your baby in their stroller. It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. It takes more work than solo jogging because you’ll be pushing your child’s weight as well as the stroller’s weight. It won’t be the same as usual jogging mechanics.

The most challenging part, though, is ensuring your child is safe while you jog. You don’t want to jostle them too much and hurt their tiny bodies, especially newborns.

Moreover, there’s additional planning involved with stroller jogging. You may have to prepare extra water and snacks. You’ll also have to plan a route that won’t take you too far from home. Plus, you have to think about the pathways or sidewalks on the route to make for a smooth stroller journey for your little one.

Equipment and accessories

A good jogging stroller

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Obviously, you’ll need a sturdy jogging stroller that will keep your baby safe and secure. There are dedicated strollers on the market today that are designed specifically to create a smooth and stable ride.

There are those with mountain bike-like suspension and impact cushion to roll smoothly over bumps. Another feature is a front-wheel lock for stability. Additionally, there are strollers with squeeze brakes if you want this function. If you want to bring extra clothing and snacks, you can find ones with plenty of storage space.

Clothing and Accessories

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On your end, you want to find sportswear that will make you comfortable. It should fit properly without compressing your body too much since you’re still recovering from childbirth. You should invest in durable and comfortable running shoes as well to cushion the impact as you jog.

Finding a good area to jog

As I mentioned, planning your route can be challenging since you’ll be bringing your little one along. To keep them safe and secure, avoid sidewalks with cracks, bumps, and roots. Bumpy routes make for a bouncy baby run.

If you have toddlers who want to join you, make sure to find places that are dedicated to exercising. The best options are quiet and low-traffic back roads, parks, or paved recreation parks and tracks, whichever is the nearest to your home.

Wrapping it up

Stroller jogging is a great option if you want to engage in postpartum exercise while bringing your little one along. If you had a normal and uncomplicated delivery, you can work out as soon as you’re ready. For cesareans and types of deliveries with complications, you should consult your doctor about when you can start doing exercises.


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