The best BOOTY & AB excercises for moms!

Did you know that training your glutes is one of the best things you can do for overall strength and fitness? The glutes are the largest muscle group on the body, and the easiest to work. Check out Meredith's routine for getting that booty in top shape!

By Meredith Campbell



While I love a great workout, one of the trendiest body parts to train these days is GLUTES!

Thank you, Sir Mix A lot! Finally, curves and big booties are in style, even with the younger generations.

Yes, your rear end looks great in some fun jeans, however, it serves more than a looks purpose. Our glutes and legs are the largest muscle group in our body. Along with our hips, our glutes and legs help us stand up, sit down, get in and out of cars, and the most important as we age, get on and off the toilet. This will be more important in your later years in life.

For now, we are all “younger” and beautiful women who have birthed children while staying extremely busy keeping the family organized, advancing our careers to provide for our family, and doing our part to stay balanced in our life. How do we keep our booty in shape?

Today’s quick 10 min glute workout will be using optional ankle weights which can be found on amazon here:

What I love about these Bala Bangles, besides that they are a fashionable, they’re light and easy to travel with. I take mine with me anywhere I go! A fashion statement that’s fitness functional, a new mom trend in our athleisure wear.

Watch this Instagram Reel for a visual of these booty and core strengthening exercises:

Glute leg lifts

Starting on the floor on all fours, hands and knees, engage your core and press your hands into the mat which will help take the pressure off your wrists and keep your shoulder active. Extend your right leg out directly behind you for leg lifts. Repeat 32 times, and switch to the other side.

Glute hamstring curls

Starting on the floor on all fours, extend the right leg out keeping it lifted in line with your hip, curl the heel of your foot towards your glute. This motion will activate the hamstring which is the natural Brazilian Butt Lift when it comes to exercises.

Side plank knee to elbow oblique crunch

Starting in a modified side plank keeping your core engaged, bring your right knee and right elbow towards your obliques, and extend back out, repeating this 32 times on one side before switching to the other side. Remember to watch your form and keep your back nice and flat, as if you were against a wall. These exercises will strengthen your hip flexors and focus on your obliques which will help strengthen your glutes.

Plank knee pulls (or slow mountain climbers)

Starting in a strong plank position, pull your knee in towards the center of your chest and back to plank, repeating on the left side which will strengthen your entire core group of muscles.

Oblique knee crunch with straight leg lift option

Starting out laying on your right hip, with your right elbow lifting your torso off the ground, pull the knees into your center, straighten back out and lifting both legs up towards the sky. Remember to keep your belly button engaged towards the center of your core, so you are not training your abs to “puff out” instead we are training them to get tighter and leaner.

Plank to single leg downward facing dog

Starting in a strong plank, lift the hips up to the sky, making a triangle shape with your body, from your hands up to your hips and back town towards your heels. Raise your right leg to the sky and as you pull the leg in towards the center of the body, come into single leg plank, then extend your leg back up to the sky in a single leg downward facing dog. This exercise is more advanced, however, it will work the entire body as a unit, making you strong and lean.

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