The reality of travel today: 10 expert tips for managing travel expectations

Travel is back. Travel is booming. Travel is unpredictable. So many of us are “taking the trip” right now. The

By Lauren Worsham

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Travel is back. Travel is booming.

Travel is unpredictable.

So many of us are “taking the trip” right now. The one that was cancelled, the one that we have waiting so long for, the one that had to be rescheduled again and again and again. Everyone is getting out there and I love to see it. What we are also seeing and hearing about are those dreaded “travel woes” like flight cancellations and delays that cause major travel disruption. All that being said, we probably need to be prepared and honest with ourselves about the reality of travel right now.

Here are a few tips to help manage those expectations

Schedule an early flight and choose an airline that has multiple flights to your destination each day.

Chosing a flight on an airline with one option for your day of travel is risky. If that flight is cancelled, rebooking quickly may be next to impossible and result in trip interruption.

Include an extra night.

In the event your flight is cancelled and you have to miss a day, I recommend adding in a bonus day.

Use a travel advisor and purchase travel protection.

The “unexpected” is showing up a little too often these days. A good travel advisor and travel protection are invaluable when the something comes up that you did not or could not have anticipated.

Be prepared for delays and interruptions.

We can almost guarantee they will happen right now if you choose air travel. So just accept that they might and hope that they won’t.

Pack a change of clothes and snacks in your carry on.

We all have a “lost luggage” story. I think once it happens to you, you will never travel without a change of clothes in your carry on again.


Check and double check all of your needed travel documents in advance.

I have taken two cruises this year and I just keep all of those necessary documents in one safe place. Then I make sure to pack them in my personal item or carryon the night before I need them.

Download the app.

So many airlines, resorts, theme parks and cruise lines have apps now. Make sure you have them downloaded to your phone and your necessary boarding passes saved in your wallet. Often times, the app will alert you of changes. You can also make necessary changes through the app instead of picking up a phone which can take hours.

Be patient.

Trust me, if you get into a pickle, losing your cool and rude behavior will not do you any favors. In the travel world, kindness and patience always go a long way.

Take a road trip.

If all of this sounds overwhelming then maybe now is not the time to fly to another country or continent. So may of our resorts stateside are open and ready to welcome guests. Also, last minute travel is making a comeback and easier to find.

Check out our tips for preparing for a family road trip –>

Have a backup plan and be prepared to pivot.

Even if you make it to your destination sometimes plans don’t work out the way you anticipated. Discuss with your family what you might enjoy doing in the event you get to your destination and you can’t do something as planned. A few weeks ago thousands of people we evacuated from Yellowstone National Park due to unseasonable weather. No one could have predicted that and many travelers were left to change their plans at the drop of a hat.

Despite all of the drama you may encounter I still think travel is all very much worth it.

We can only continue to move forward and learn to treasure each of these experiences that come along with travel.

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